Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Love is Change
- Tara

"Don't go," he begs her. "Don't go," he cries to her. Yet she stands still in time with her mind made up ready to run. "I love you!" he shouts.  Her mind not even wrapping around the idea. Shattered he will be. Still she keeps running. No way out she sees. No way to him. The light missing from his eyes now, she knows he's a goner. No return he will make, with all the broken promises becoming entirely too much to take. What shall she do? Always the never-ending mystery.

He reminds her of home, every happy hello, but she can't seem to find the time. Days drag by. He knows he is losing her, but yet he smiles. Oh but what a smile. How is this so? So broken but so at peace. Peace with crying, content with watching her go. 

Run as she will, farther away. Distancing their hearts. Everyday will be the new challenge, as her absence will consume him. As will his to hers. Broken they both shall be, and yet they smile. Smile as they cry, smile as they die, smile because love never truly fades or leaves. For love is the real mystery, so going shouldn't change anything. 

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