Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Piece of Us.

Our Names are Tanner and Tara.  We are starting the journey called life together and everyday is a challenge,but we know together anything is possible. <3
Note- This is a work in progress Blog. It has been started to give him and I a way to stay connected. Even with that being said, we would love some constructive criticism if anything. 

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  1. Hey Love! What to say to a young couple just starting out on the road of love and togetherness? Well there's a lot CAN be said but ..... What NOT to say is more the larger worry, ya know? So, I'll just read along, drop a comment here and there, and generally enjoy a peek into the world of youth and love and hopefully the start of what some would call 'what the world is all about!'

    Remember, I have my eye on you, so be nice to each other, and whatever you do BE HAPPY!

    Gramps ......